White Classic Candle
White Classic Candle


White Classic Candle

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Sophistication in design, this is a minimal contemporary candle in matt white with a gold embossed lid. Matched with marine and aqueous lychee notes that are met with lily of the valley and violet for a delicate and fresh but sensual experience.

This is a classic and timeless fragrance that will refresh any space. Even more refreshing is that as a social enterprise we donate NZD1 from every candle sold via the Downlights Charitable Trust, and your fragrant soy wax candle is GMO free, lead and zinc free, and non-toxic.

A crisp marine inspired fragrance with aqueous lychee notes are that delicately wrapped in lily of the valley and delicate violet. A fresh, sensual experience evolves as the alluring undertones of  musk and white wood unfold in this timeless fragrance.

 Size & Dimensions

Volume 250 ml
Weight 400 gms
Burn Time 40 hours