Surmanti insect repellent 3203


Surmanti insect repellent 3203

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Repels and kills biting insects, eases the after-effects of BITES

NO nasty toxic chemicals or synthetics in this 100% natural formulation, just fresh pure botanical oils. Relentless biting insects can be a big challenge over Summer. 

Surmanti Insect Repellent contains a carefully-selected, highly-concentrated blend of therapeutic essential oils and hydrosols that:
• Mask our insect-attracting body scent to biting / feeding insects.
• Contain Natural insecticides that KILL and REPEL insects.
• Contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to increase circulation, and dissipate anticoagulant from the bite. Increase healing.
• Contain skin-protecting antioxidants, to reduce redness and to cool, numb and comfort bites.
• Is easily absorbed - aromatic, fresh, lemony and minty.
• Goes a long way. You need only a small amount.

Apply thoroughly to ankles, wrists, and feet, as our blood vessels are nearest to the skin’s surface in these areas, making them attractive for quick and easy feeding.

When mosquitoes, flies and fleas bite, they inject their anticoagulant-containing saliva to keep the blood flowing. This is the cause of the inflammation, redness, swelling and itching.

* When applying any essential oil for the first time, testing for skin sensitivity is best practice. Should irritation occur, wash off with soap and water. Discontinue use. Application is not advised during pregnancy.

Made in NZ